Monday, August 31, 2009

ML Video

I watched the video below by conservative comedian Evan Sayet about the bizarre thinking habits of the Modern Liberal. I question the wisdom of having our political dialog dominated by comedians. Discourse is being dominated by comedians taking pot shots at eachother. We see Colbert, Beck, Letterman, Coulter, Allan Colmes, Sayet, Jon Stewart and others dominating discourse.

BTW, has anyone noticed how many of the Conservative comedians were from liberal backgrounds and became Conservatives .... probably because there are so many liberals comedians that becoming "conservative" is a way to stand out from the pack. Beck and Sayet were from liberal backgrounds.

The one thing I would have added to the video is the observation that Modern Liberalism is actually quite old. Historically, Modernism follows the Enlightenment. Modernism was well underway in Europe at the time of the Founding of our nation.

Modern Liberalism was pretty much an elitist reaction to the classical liberalism of our nation's founders. Classical liberalism was based a refinement of the Aristotelian tradition. Modern liberalism is one of the many philospies developed along the thoughtline of Kant, Hegel and Marx.

The video below is a neocon (liberal who became conservative) view of modern liberalism and modern progressivism.

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