Sunday, July 18, 2021

Holding a Conversation over Different Platforms

Tag Spam

There is a growing number of publishing platforms on this planet. I've started using platform built on HIVE blockchain since these platforms reward posts with a crypto currency and, to be blunt, I could use a few rewards in mu life.

The blockchain hosts multiple web sites. These web sites publish articles based on the tags used in the post. Using the tag #POB puts the post on The tag #LEO drops the post on the site LeoFinance.

Some users on the platform have taken to using multiple tags on their posts to get their posts published on multiple web sites.

Do you see the problem:

Dropping multiple tags on a post gets it published on multiple sites! A system that publishes posts on different sites creates a new problem called "Tag Spam."

I believe that the solution to tag spam is to simply limit the system so that the system only lists the post on one site.

My solution immediately begs the question: What should a blogger do if a post is truly relevant to two tags.

I think the answer is simple: If a topic is relevant to two tags, the blogger should write original posts for each platform that might be interested in the topic. The blogger should then create links between the different posts.

Writing original posts for each of the tags and linking the articles has a positive SEO benenfit as Googlebot and other web crowlers would see original content on different sites about the same issue.

Tag spam leads to a situation where different sites publish the exact same content. This has negative SEO implications. Writing original content on multiple platforms and linking the articles has postitive benefits.

HIVE is a single blockchain that produces multiple sites. The same issue applies

A similar problem occurs when people use different platforms. Businesses and individuals need to use mutliple platforms to connect with their audience. Some lazy bloggers will write one post then copy and paste the posts on all interested platforms.

Publishing the same text on different sites creates a problem for the Googlebot. Googlebot won't know which pust the true source of the inforamtion and is apt to dismiss the sites with duplicate content.

A better approach is to write articles fresh articles for each platform which target the people on the platform. My article on LeoFiance talks specifically about how tag spam affects the LEO token. I wrote an article on PhotoStreem about the picture and talked about how one can use images to connect topics across platforms. Note, all of my posts on this topic are using the same tag.

I have created a structure where I am discussing a single topic on multiple platforms. To emphasize the structure, I added an index page for the conversation on my homepage.

I did not copy and paste text from the different platforms. Instead I wrote original articles that discussed the topic from the perspective of each of the web sites in this particular group.

The process is a little bit spammy but, since each of the hand written articles are specific to the respective platforms, I believe that the structure provides an example of link development done correctly.

Because this particular exercise is about the proper way to publish posts across different platforms, I might add another article or two on different platforms.

Please, drop a comment if you believe that writing articles on different platforms is spam or if it is a good web practice.

Monday, June 07, 2021

Parley Articles

I am really happy to see back up on line. was the victim of a cancellation campaign from the left. Notably, Leftists had Parler's app removed from Google and Apple services and Amazon cancelled Parler's web hosting.

I've been a subject of cancellation for my entire adult. I love when people stand against the forces of cancellation. So, I've wanted to write some posts for parler to show suppport for the platform.

In my case, I have been cancelled by both the right and left.

Specifically, I believe that health care reform is the single most important issue of our generation. If Americans do not develop an alternative system for funding health care, the American experiment in self rule is lost.

I spent almost three decades trying to find people to work on the issue of free market health care reforms.

Progressives dream of nationalized health care. My research was automatically cancelled by the left.

I decided to approach folks on the right. I discovered that the rank and file of the Republican Party were receptive to discussions of free market health care reform, there was a group within the GOP that systematically undermined all debates of free market reforms.

This group, of course, is called CONSERVATIVE.

Free Market Health Care Reform would liberalize the health care market. People who had direct control over their health care resources would have greater liberty.

CONSERVATIVES hate Liberalism. Expanding liberty is a liberal ideal. Therefore, conservatives automatically oppose ideas that would expand liberty.

I realize that some Republicans will be scratching their heads. Conservatives use liberty-rhetoric, why would they be opposed to ideas that expanded the liberty of the people?

This conundrum had me confused as well. So, I decided to research the history of Conservatism and as absolutely appalled by what I found.

I've been thinking about using my account to discuss the history of Conservatism.

I will write many of the articles on the Proof of Brain Web Site.

Friday, January 29, 2021

FTC Disclosure

 The Biden Administration promises to bring back all of the onerous regulations passed during the Obama Administration. In 2009, the Obama Administration passed a regulation web sites include a big yellow box warning users if a blogger might receive financial gain from a link. The Obama Administration went after small web sites that failed to include FTC disclosures.

The Trump administration secretly removed that regulation and stopped going after small web sites. We can expect the FTC to revive the practice during the Obama administration.

FTC Disclosure: The FTC Rules of 2009 required that a blogger precede any link or post for which they might receive material benefit with a warning in a big yellow box. The font of the warning should be larger than the font of the offending link.

I've started blogging on HIVE. The HIVE platform gives bloggers rewards for upvotes. I might receive monetary consideration for the link in the following paragraph.

I wrote a post on HIVE about how much I despise the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC has a long history of writing rules that punish small publishers while allowing large firms link Google and Facebook to run roughshod over the community.

The Trump administration stopped enforcing this FTC regulation. Biden promises to revive the regulatory regime of the Obama Administration. I expect to see the FTC selectively enforcing this rule against the sites that the Biden administration wants to cancel.

Monday, January 25, 2021

A Tale of Two Riots

 It is telling: The leaders of the Democratic Party were not willing to call out the troops when rioters were looting and burning small businesses in 2020. 

In contrast, they rushed to call out 25,000 troops when they personally felt threatened.

The amazing thing is that, after the photo ops with the troops were over, our brave leaders in Washington DC stuffed 5,000 of the troops in a parking garage that lacked sanitation facilities and had only one outlet.