Monday, July 30, 2012

The Human Mind is the Source of Economic Growth

Small business is not the engine of economic growth.

The individual human mind is the engine of economic growth. Small business is one of the best manifestations of the human mind.

Reviving America is not simply a matter of removing regulatory constraints from small business. A true revival would start by recognizing the individual as the basic economic building block.

If you hold the individual in high esteem, then you will necessarily end up holding the small businesses formed by people in high esteem.

IMHO, The first step to renewing America is to recognize each person as a whole being who lives, works, owns, invests, and associates with others.

A common theme of the proposals I make on this blog (like the Medical Savings and Loan and The Object Tax) all have the goal of making the individual the primary economic focus.

Legislation built on the premise that small business is the engine of economic growth will be as flawed as legislation built on the assumption that government is the engine of growth or that big finance is the engine of growth.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

How About Denver in October?

Health care is the most important issue of the day..

Sadly both the Republican and Democratic candidate favor socializing medicine via state controlled health exchanges.

Neither party is willing to even discuss real free market health care reform.

Republicans favor socializing health care with exchanges captured by big business. Democrats want health exchanges captured by corrupt government bureaucrats.

Neither side of the false dichotomy is willing to discuss real free market health care reform.

All eyes are on the presidential election.

Now, imagine for a moment that the American people rose up and voted for third party candidates in droves. Imagine that enough people voted third party that neither side could claim victory or a mandate?

Since Tea Partying patriots are more upset than Democrats, the split vote is likely to leave Obama as a lameduck president facing an opposition Congress.

Imagine for a moment that the American people rejected the false dichotomy between Left and Right and voted for a third party candidate?

(Remember when Clinton was a lameduck with a Republican Congress? The result was the only balanced budget in recent history.)

If independents and libertarians voted third party in November and split the presidential, both parties would respond by adopting a free market agenda for 2016.

Anyway, I just had a cool thought. For the last four years, I've been wanting to have a conference that discusses health freedom.

Colorado is a swing state. What if the conference took place in Denver in October?

The conference would be a non-partisan event. During the conference, I would propose creating "The Medical Savings and Loan" as a free market alternative to insurance.

The problem includes arguments on why insurance leads to inequities and show why plans like an HSA+HDHC just makes things worse. The conference would welcome both Tea Partiers and anyone from Occupy Wall Street who is sane and open-minded (if there are such people).

NOTE: The conference for health freedom is against big finance ... but not for socialism. It is essentially like the campaign to take money out of the big banks and putting it in a locally owned credit unions.

The Medical Savings and Loan is a business model, it is not a political policy. The message is that financing health care is a business problem and not a political one.

The message of the conference is that politics only makes health care worse, and both parties hurt are guilty of using health care to grub power.

Holding a conference in a swing state just before the election would through a sabot in the wheels of both the left and right political machine.

It would be fun to hold a conference in Denver. Sadly, I can't pull off such thing without any help.

If anyone in Colorado is sick of the false dichotomy of left and right who would like to help me organize a conference on health freedom, please contact me.

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Copyrighted Copyright Notice

This copyright notice is copyrighted by ME.

If you want your own copyright notice, you are going to have to go out and write one yourself.

None of this: "Oh, I think you have a cool copyright notice, I am going to copy it and paste it on my web site and look all cool!"

To be very clear: I DO NOT give you permission to just go out and copy my copyright notice.

This copyright notice is mine. It's not yours ... It's mine! It's mine! It's mine!

I put a lot of effort into thinking up just exactly what I wanted to say in my copyright notice and I am not about to let some Johnny-come-lately waltz right in and copy it. No How! No Way!

I even went as far as to put an HTML entity (ampersand, copy, semi-colon) followed by the date on my Copyright Statement, I am that serious.

© 2012 by ME!

So There!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reactionaries Carrry the Imprint of the Opposition

There is a great deal of pseudo science, superstition and outright fantasy in the environmental community and radical left.

Because their ideas are based on pseudo science the greens keep steering people wrong.

Reactionary conservatives loudly react to the pseudo science. The loud reactive voice invariably becomes the leading voice of the Conservative Party.

This process of a reactionary right screaming against an unbalanced radical left is a form of poisonous thought process called "Dialectics."

Here's the problem: The thoughts of the loud reactionary voice is based on pseudo science and superstition just like the radical green voice.

It is the nature of dialectics that the loud reactionary voice accepts underlying fallacies of the radical left.

The negation of pseudo science is not science. In the long run, it proves to be as much mindless mush as the pseudo science itself. The shrill nondebate allows the worst rogues of society to sweep in and take political control.

A better example of the way reactionary thought undermines society can be seen in the definition of "liberalism."

The term "liberal" meant something different in the 1700s. The "Liberal Arts" was a curriculum based on the Trivium (Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric). Liberal has the same root as liberty.

In the Left/Right split of the French Revolution radical partisans captured the term "liberal" and reactionary conservatives reacted.

Through the dialectical process, the term "liberal" essentially came to mean its opposite. Today, "liberalism" is lock in step with totalitarian socialism.

Today, conservatives voice a philosophy that is similar to classical liberalism. Reactionary conservatism is based entirely on a shrill denunciation of the radicalized liberalism.

Don't you see the problem?

Reactionary conservatives and radical liberals are both cut from the same dialectical mold.

Reactionary conservatives claim to hold a philosophy based on liberty. The reactionary conservative undermines liberty when they perpetuate the perverted definition of liberal.

Modern conservatives are cut from the same dialectical mold as liberals.

It is this dialectical model which is destroying our society.

The dialectical conservative invariably reaches the same results as the radical liberal. The dialectical conservative does stupid things like elect in the author of RomneyCare to defeat ObamaCare, when the two structures are identical.

Reactionary conservatives create new regulatory bodies like the Health Compact to do battle with the new regulatory bodies created in PPACA. Creating a new regulatory body to fight over regulation does not reduce regulation in health care. It creates dueling bodies seeking regulatory power.

The dialectics is a process in which the rogues of society take control through contrived arguments. The radical left, reactionary right and dialectical center are all part of a  system which systematically strips people of their liberty.

Sadly, the best formula for restoring liberty is found in the classical liberal tradition (Aristotle through the US Founders). The shrill dialectical process destroys our ability to re-examine this tradition.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Radicalized Religion

Prior to Marx, socialists used radicalized religion to hawk their poison.

By the mid 1800s, the world was littered with failed Utopian experiments that used various forms radicalized religion to bind adherents to the community.

The Young Hegelians (Marx, Feuerbach, etc.) realized that they could use radical anti-religion.

By building on anti-religion as a theme, they were able to attack the core of a free society while being able to dismiss the failures of Utopian societies as being caused by religion .;.. and not a fundamental fault of communitarianism.

Centuries after Feuerbach and Marx, we have a world in which many people associate socialism and anti-religion.

One odd danger we face is that the socialist left can very easily change theme and start pushing radicalized religion ... blaming the failures of socialism on its anti-religious nature.

The dichotomy:: "Should the socialist utopia be based on religion or anti-religion?" is a false dichotomy.

When people are drawn into a false dichotomy they will end up being pushed in directions they would otherwise not travel.

Sadly, many conservatives seem to be reacting to the Obama administration by taking a radical view of religion. A radicalization of religious can come back and hurt us as the forces of tyranny are skilled at using radical religion to harm society.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Power Player Arrested

A rising star of the Utah GOP was arrested yesterday charged with multiple counts of rape. The power player in question hosted a prime Utah GOP event called the Rocky Mountain Conservative Conference. The power player was a little darling of Utah's right.

The video below shows a few of the GOP stars that flocked to the conference. The video below for the conference has some of the best free market rhetoric that you will find anywhere.

The freedom movement faces that challenge that the rogues of the world use the powerful sounding rhetoric for dubious ends.

I am interested in free market health care reform. I also happen to be stuck in Utah; so, over the last four years, I've repeatedly tried contacting every single person in that video.

I've been rebuked or ignored at every turn.

Then again, I am not a conservative.

A conservative is a person who uses free market rhetoric to grub power.

I consider myself a "classical liberal." By classical liberal, I mean a person who applies ideas from classical logic (and classical mathematics) to the question of liberty.

The US Founders had a classical education and applied classical logic to the question of liberty and created the constitutionally limited republic.

The Conservatives of the US Revolution were called "Tories." They fought for the British. The great left/right came from the French Revolution. The Conservatives on the right supported the ancient regime, and those on the left were blood thirsty lunatics.

Both sides of the left/right split are corrupt.

I care not a lick for power. I love ideas. Specifically, I am intrigued with the way that a distributed economic system outperforms as top-down power structure. The idea I want to discuss is how one can replace top heavy insurance companies with a distributed system based on self-funded care. Such a system would outperform the current one.

I would love to get something like that Rocky Mountain Conservative Conference going. Imagine a group of patriots meeting at a mountain resort to discuss real free market health care reform.

I like real people, not power players. My hope was to get together a group of real people to discuss real health care reform.

By real reform I mean AN ALTERNATIVE TO INSURANCE. Rather than raping the maid, the goal of the conference would be to create a business network that would allow people who are under-served by insurance a way to opt out of insurance.

I watched the video several times and am left wondering: Why are conservatives so readily attracted to disgusting power players and why are they so completely and thoroughly unwilling to discuss ideas?

With the exception of Mia Love, I cannot even imagine a single one of the GOP darlings in the video ever sitting down to discuss real free market health care reform. The second they realized I was challenging their precious little insurance companies they would toss me out the door.

If you are a GOP, why are so unwilling to discuss ideas what what is the great attraction that you feel for all of these power players who simply use empty rhetoric to gain and consolidate power?

Saturday, July 07, 2012


The nations of this world are very good at documenting people. The term "undocumented immigrant" implies that there is a large number of people wandering about who have never been documented in any way.

This is absurd.

I suspect that there is tons of documentation about the people who fall into the class of "undocumented," and that the term "undocumented" is just a politically correct absurdity.

If a person came into the United States on a visa, and violated the terms of that visa by staying longer than the contract allowed; then there is documentation for that person.

Calling such a person an "undocumented immigrant" is incorrect because such people actually have signed document. They have a contract that they made with our country which they chose to violate.

Allowing widespread visa violations and calling the violations "undocumented immigration" is dishonest at its core. Such a political stunt will ultimately backfire by creating a more oppressive system of documentation. It might also harm the world by making international travel more difficult.

Allowing people to discard documentation of contracts they signed is problematic for it calls into question all contracts entered by the people of our nation. The consequences of losing the rule of law are staggering. If discarding a visa is considered acceptable in the US then the whole international system of visas is called into question and will eventually hinder the ability to engage in world travel.