Saturday, July 07, 2012


The nations of this world are very good at documenting people. The term "undocumented immigrant" implies that there is a large number of people wandering about who have never been documented in any way.

This is absurd.

I suspect that there is tons of documentation about the people who fall into the class of "undocumented," and that the term "undocumented" is just a politically correct absurdity.

If a person came into the United States on a visa, and violated the terms of that visa by staying longer than the contract allowed; then there is documentation for that person.

Calling such a person an "undocumented immigrant" is incorrect because such people actually have signed document. They have a contract that they made with our country which they chose to violate.

Allowing widespread visa violations and calling the violations "undocumented immigration" is dishonest at its core. Such a political stunt will ultimately backfire by creating a more oppressive system of documentation. It might also harm the world by making international travel more difficult.

Allowing people to discard documentation of contracts they signed is problematic for it calls into question all contracts entered by the people of our nation. The consequences of losing the rule of law are staggering. If discarding a visa is considered acceptable in the US then the whole international system of visas is called into question and will eventually hinder the ability to engage in world travel.

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