Monday, July 30, 2012

The Human Mind is the Source of Economic Growth

Small business is not the engine of economic growth.

The individual human mind is the engine of economic growth. Small business is one of the best manifestations of the human mind.

Reviving America is not simply a matter of removing regulatory constraints from small business. A true revival would start by recognizing the individual as the basic economic building block.

If you hold the individual in high esteem, then you will necessarily end up holding the small businesses formed by people in high esteem.

IMHO, The first step to renewing America is to recognize each person as a whole being who lives, works, owns, invests, and associates with others.

A common theme of the proposals I make on this blog (like the Medical Savings and Loan and The Object Tax) all have the goal of making the individual the primary economic focus.

Legislation built on the premise that small business is the engine of economic growth will be as flawed as legislation built on the assumption that government is the engine of growth or that big finance is the engine of growth.

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