Sunday, July 29, 2012

How About Denver in October?

Health care is the most important issue of the day..

Sadly both the Republican and Democratic candidate favor socializing medicine via state controlled health exchanges.

Neither party is willing to even discuss real free market health care reform.

Republicans favor socializing health care with exchanges captured by big business. Democrats want health exchanges captured by corrupt government bureaucrats.

Neither side of the false dichotomy is willing to discuss real free market health care reform.

All eyes are on the presidential election.

Now, imagine for a moment that the American people rose up and voted for third party candidates in droves. Imagine that enough people voted third party that neither side could claim victory or a mandate?

Since Tea Partying patriots are more upset than Democrats, the split vote is likely to leave Obama as a lameduck president facing an opposition Congress.

Imagine for a moment that the American people rejected the false dichotomy between Left and Right and voted for a third party candidate?

(Remember when Clinton was a lameduck with a Republican Congress? The result was the only balanced budget in recent history.)

If independents and libertarians voted third party in November and split the presidential, both parties would respond by adopting a free market agenda for 2016.

Anyway, I just had a cool thought. For the last four years, I've been wanting to have a conference that discusses health freedom.

Colorado is a swing state. What if the conference took place in Denver in October?

The conference would be a non-partisan event. During the conference, I would propose creating "The Medical Savings and Loan" as a free market alternative to insurance.

The problem includes arguments on why insurance leads to inequities and show why plans like an HSA+HDHC just makes things worse. The conference would welcome both Tea Partiers and anyone from Occupy Wall Street who is sane and open-minded (if there are such people).

NOTE: The conference for health freedom is against big finance ... but not for socialism. It is essentially like the campaign to take money out of the big banks and putting it in a locally owned credit unions.

The Medical Savings and Loan is a business model, it is not a political policy. The message is that financing health care is a business problem and not a political one.

The message of the conference is that politics only makes health care worse, and both parties hurt are guilty of using health care to grub power.

Holding a conference in a swing state just before the election would through a sabot in the wheels of both the left and right political machine.

It would be fun to hold a conference in Denver. Sadly, I can't pull off such thing without any help.

If anyone in Colorado is sick of the false dichotomy of left and right who would like to help me organize a conference on health freedom, please contact me.

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