Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reactionaries Carrry the Imprint of the Opposition

There is a great deal of pseudo science, superstition and outright fantasy in the environmental community and radical left.

Because their ideas are based on pseudo science the greens keep steering people wrong.

Reactionary conservatives loudly react to the pseudo science. The loud reactive voice invariably becomes the leading voice of the Conservative Party.

This process of a reactionary right screaming against an unbalanced radical left is a form of poisonous thought process called "Dialectics."

Here's the problem: The thoughts of the loud reactionary voice is based on pseudo science and superstition just like the radical green voice.

It is the nature of dialectics that the loud reactionary voice accepts underlying fallacies of the radical left.

The negation of pseudo science is not science. In the long run, it proves to be as much mindless mush as the pseudo science itself. The shrill nondebate allows the worst rogues of society to sweep in and take political control.

A better example of the way reactionary thought undermines society can be seen in the definition of "liberalism."

The term "liberal" meant something different in the 1700s. The "Liberal Arts" was a curriculum based on the Trivium (Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric). Liberal has the same root as liberty.

In the Left/Right split of the French Revolution radical partisans captured the term "liberal" and reactionary conservatives reacted.

Through the dialectical process, the term "liberal" essentially came to mean its opposite. Today, "liberalism" is lock in step with totalitarian socialism.

Today, conservatives voice a philosophy that is similar to classical liberalism. Reactionary conservatism is based entirely on a shrill denunciation of the radicalized liberalism.

Don't you see the problem?

Reactionary conservatives and radical liberals are both cut from the same dialectical mold.

Reactionary conservatives claim to hold a philosophy based on liberty. The reactionary conservative undermines liberty when they perpetuate the perverted definition of liberal.

Modern conservatives are cut from the same dialectical mold as liberals.

It is this dialectical model which is destroying our society.

The dialectical conservative invariably reaches the same results as the radical liberal. The dialectical conservative does stupid things like elect in the author of RomneyCare to defeat ObamaCare, when the two structures are identical.

Reactionary conservatives create new regulatory bodies like the Health Compact to do battle with the new regulatory bodies created in PPACA. Creating a new regulatory body to fight over regulation does not reduce regulation in health care. It creates dueling bodies seeking regulatory power.

The dialectics is a process in which the rogues of society take control through contrived arguments. The radical left, reactionary right and dialectical center are all part of a  system which systematically strips people of their liberty.

Sadly, the best formula for restoring liberty is found in the classical liberal tradition (Aristotle through the US Founders). The shrill dialectical process destroys our ability to re-examine this tradition.

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