Friday, July 20, 2012

Power Player Arrested

A rising star of the Utah GOP was arrested yesterday charged with multiple counts of rape. The power player in question hosted a prime Utah GOP event called the Rocky Mountain Conservative Conference. The power player was a little darling of Utah's right.

The video below shows a few of the GOP stars that flocked to the conference. The video below for the conference has some of the best free market rhetoric that you will find anywhere.

The freedom movement faces that challenge that the rogues of the world use the powerful sounding rhetoric for dubious ends.

I am interested in free market health care reform. I also happen to be stuck in Utah; so, over the last four years, I've repeatedly tried contacting every single person in that video.

I've been rebuked or ignored at every turn.

Then again, I am not a conservative.

A conservative is a person who uses free market rhetoric to grub power.

I consider myself a "classical liberal." By classical liberal, I mean a person who applies ideas from classical logic (and classical mathematics) to the question of liberty.

The US Founders had a classical education and applied classical logic to the question of liberty and created the constitutionally limited republic.

The Conservatives of the US Revolution were called "Tories." They fought for the British. The great left/right came from the French Revolution. The Conservatives on the right supported the ancient regime, and those on the left were blood thirsty lunatics.

Both sides of the left/right split are corrupt.

I care not a lick for power. I love ideas. Specifically, I am intrigued with the way that a distributed economic system outperforms as top-down power structure. The idea I want to discuss is how one can replace top heavy insurance companies with a distributed system based on self-funded care. Such a system would outperform the current one.

I would love to get something like that Rocky Mountain Conservative Conference going. Imagine a group of patriots meeting at a mountain resort to discuss real free market health care reform.

I like real people, not power players. My hope was to get together a group of real people to discuss real health care reform.

By real reform I mean AN ALTERNATIVE TO INSURANCE. Rather than raping the maid, the goal of the conference would be to create a business network that would allow people who are under-served by insurance a way to opt out of insurance.

I watched the video several times and am left wondering: Why are conservatives so readily attracted to disgusting power players and why are they so completely and thoroughly unwilling to discuss ideas?

With the exception of Mia Love, I cannot even imagine a single one of the GOP darlings in the video ever sitting down to discuss real free market health care reform. The second they realized I was challenging their precious little insurance companies they would toss me out the door.

If you are a GOP, why are so unwilling to discuss ideas what what is the great attraction that you feel for all of these power players who simply use empty rhetoric to gain and consolidate power?

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