Monday, August 10, 2009

A Circuitous Path to Totalitarianism

The key word in the current health care legislation is "ALL."

The driving force behind this legislation is to create a political hierarchy to which everyone is subject.

There is no opting out. There is no self financing of care. There is no escape from the machine.

The program creates a top heavy bureaucracy with unelected officials deciding what care people receive. In many cases, these unelected public boards will dictate the form of care with little input beyond their lucrative contact with lobbyists.

Had our second rate public schools taught us basic logic, we would realize that a program driven by a desire to apply dictates on ALL people in a country is called "Totalitarianism."

The term "all" is an absolute. The people who support a proposal that dictates the health care of all Americans is an "Absolutist."

What is interesting about the non-debate leading up to the proposal is that there was very little discussion of the form of health care reform.

The agitation campaign for reform has little substance beyond an attack of employer based insurance for not including everyone.

The circuitous path to totalitarianism comes from the framing of the debate. A manipulation campaign from the Left has people faulting insurance companies for being too small.

I believe that, if we had a truly authentic discussion about what people want in health care, our debate would realize that the current implementation of insurance is too large and domineering and that people would be better off self-financing primary care, and using insurance proper for catastrophic care.

The disingenuous effort to manufacture discontent has a large number of people happy to embrace serfdom despite the fact that serfdom has never led to the prosperity and health that people desire.

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Scott Hinrichs said...

When it is not possible or not desirable to subjugate people through violence, the best method available is to sell a vision of utopia.