Thursday, August 20, 2009

Morality and Healthcare

Forgive me father for I have sinned. Today I committed two cardinal sins: I bore false witness and spoke Obama's name in vain.

I bore false witness by having different political opinions than the one. I compounded my sin by taking Lord Obama's name in vain.

For that matter, my eyeballs curled up in their sockets when I heard Obama casting moral disparagements on those with different political views.

As we are on the topic of sin and virtue, I thought I would quickly pen my moral views on health care.

I support a system called the Medical Savings and Loan. This system gives people the tools to help them self-finance their care. The central feature of the medical savings and loan is a savings account in which people save resources for medical expenses. The system also contains interest free loans that people can use if the cost of needed care exceeds their current savings.

My belief in this system is founded in part on the observation that man is created in the image of God. People have both needs and the ability to care for the needs of others.

I observe that the vast majority of people are capable of self-funding their care during their life. The creation of a system would allow these people to live happy, long fulfilled lives without being burdens on others.

Having separated out those that can care for themselves, society would then be in a position to better administer to the needs of those who cannot take care of themselves.

In my belief, a system that asks people who can take care of themselves to do so is not immoral, nor is it inherently greedy.

Such a system allows those who can be strong to be strong. A well structured system will help the marginal become strong. The strong can then carry the weak.

I strongly disagree with systems that take resources that people need for their care in the name of social redistribution. In such a system, the healthy become marginal, and the marginal become weak. When healthcare is distributed by the government, the people of the nation are rendered into dependency.

Giving healthcare is an ounce of charity. Taking away care is a pound of villainy. This is why the scales of history tend to weigh against socialism.

I view the centrally controlled politically charged pools in the Obama plan as an abomination that takes health care from some and gives it to others based on the political whims of the administrators.
While I was not put on this planet to be the moral judge of others, it seems to me that denying a person healthcare resources that they had been paying for is sin that cancels out any benefit of the delivering those resources to another.

The Bible tells us that God created man in his image. God did not create government in his image. If God had created government then there would be perfect government. There has never been perfect government in history. The closest that anyone got to perfect government was the severely limited government created by the Founders of the United States.

While Obama denounces his political opposition as sinners, I humble myself before you as an unrepentant sinner.