Sunday, August 09, 2009

Good Example of Projected Hatred

This person made me feel really sad. Some one is twittering with the name Ann7837. The account has the little peace symbol icon shown to the left.

Her bio is "doing my best to piss off the religious right"

A typical posts is "Birthers, Deathers, Lifers..who can keep track It's all about hate and fear anyway...must be depressing to be so hate filled & angry."

I suspect that most instance of projection are unintentional. We see the worst of ourselves in others; so we project.

This twitter account shows a studied use of projection as a propaganda tool.

There's thousands of examples of projection in the media: Steve Colbert, Frank Burns (played by Larry Linville), Soros' Billionaires for Bush, etc..

Apparently, Conservatives on Twitter have been trying to poke fun at the hatred projected on them by the Democratic leadership.

Humor can be a good strategy against projection. The left has never responded well to humor or criticism.

Nancy Pelosi provided a nice example of projection. She ridicules the "grassroots movement" against the Healthcare take over as "astroturfers." shows the astroturfers with handmade signs and clearly disorganized. He went to the pro-Pelosi camp and found people being given professional produced signs, bullhorns and being coached by political organizers.

Pelosi's astroturf arguments are sbsurd. The argument is essentially that the people being indoctrinated and organized by a community organizers are authentic in their actions, while those on the outside are all paid shills.

RT: RetiredFireCapt points out that the Dems were hiring people to support Obamacare off GraigsList. The Sacramento CL lists paying $250 to support the Health Care power grab.

The other truly bizarre thing about this event is that the Pelosi supporters are making concerted efforts to frame the astroturfers as people being paid by the insurance company. Politically connected insurance companies will make out like a bandit through the Obama bill. Were I a CEO, the last thing I would want to do is be seen associating with the "teabaggers." I would want my name on the donation list for Democratic candidates. When the new regulators in the massive Obama healthcare bureaucracy reward friends and punish enenies, it is better to be numbered among friends.

Hopefully we will some day figure out how to rise about the propaganda techniques that are being taught by the progressives that dominate education. Until then, we live in scary times where propaganda moves and counter moves could tear our nation apart.

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