Sunday, August 30, 2009

Health Care Exchanges

One of the things I dislike about modern thought is this absurdity that creating an "exchange" somehow makes something free market. Even worse is the fascination with large centralized exchanges.

I follow the Deep Capture blog which details the capturing our stock exchange which lead to the raping and pillaging of our industry and financial institutions.

The centralized exchanges championed by the elite simply provide a capture point in the system that will give corrupt insiders even greater control over our lives.

In colonial days, there were exchanges to buy and sell slaves.

The existence of an exchange does not mean there is a free market.

It is true that we have a problem with portability of insurance. Insurance is tied to a pool of people. If you leave the pool, you lose your insurance.

HR3200 seeks to subsidize the creation of an exchange that would overcome this problem.

The wiser approach would be to look at the roots of the problem. The root of the problem is that the silly medical financing system that evolved during a half century guidance by the likes of the sainted Teddy Kennedy entrusts our health care resources to pools rather than to individuals.

Were individuals to own their health care resources (as in the Medical Savings and Loan) the accounts would become portable of their own accord. 401K investment programs are inherently portable as they are owned by the individual worker.

The weakness that HR3200 is trying to overcome through the creation of an exchange shows that the entire thinking behind making pools the primary mechanism for funding care is flawed.

We live in a day when exchanges are targetted for capture, why are we looking to subsidize the creation of an exchange when the problem would go away if we empowered the individual by making the individual the owner of their health care resources.

The Health Insurance Exchange woven together in HR3200 appears to be the creation of the same type of thought that created Credit Default Swaps, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Hedge Funds, Naked Short Selling and other intrinsic corruptions that are reducing our nation.

Below is a presentation about how the captured market works. In the case below the company called Sedona had friends at the SEC so information about its capture was investigated. Hundreds of small firms are destroyed by corruption at the exchange:

Naked short selling - redefining systemic risk from Judd Bagley on Vimeo.

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