Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A Captured Health Care System

I took a break from reading the bill to read Michelle Malkin's new work Culture of Corruption (overstock).

It was a perky read that brought the reader on a romp through the world of big money, big power and big corruption that defines Chicago Politics.

The humongous health care bill that I am reading does not address the fact that a primary reason for out of control health care costs is the political corruption that has followed every step in our progression toward nationalized health care. The bill does not address the political corruption. What is does is create hundreds of additional contact points between the political machine and medicine.

Doc2DocHealthCareReform has a PDF showing the flow of current regulations compared to the new regulations. All of those new boxes in the system will require a great deal of greasing by lobbyists squandering your health care dollar.

The so called health care reform is already captured.

The true reform we need pulls bureaucracy from between the patient and doctor.

I wrote a frustrated Tweet saying the ideal health reform has three elements: A patient. A checkbook and a doctor.

Such a system would have little room for the big time graft that we see in both parties.

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