Friday, August 14, 2009

Hannity and Rush Poison the Well

Grumble, Grumble, Grumble.

I watched part of the YouTube special where Hannity pulls out every propagandist tool in the book to tag Obama with the labels "Marxist" and "Radical."

Doesn't Hannity know that he is poisoning the well and making it impossible to have open discourse about why the ideas behind radicalism and Marism are flawed?

Marx was the most influential philosopher of the last 200 years. If Hannity had a clue, he would figure out that his education and his position were deeply influenced by Marxism. He would realize that reactionaries bear and imprint of the methods they react against.

Half-witted Hannity is like an RNA molecule that dutifully replicates the structure of a DNA molecule.

You can't defeat Marxism with Marxist style propaganda. You simply create a pattern that replicates the malady.

If there was open discussion about Marxism, then we could figure out what is wrong and find away to solve the problem. But there can't be with loud mouth reactionaries dominate all such discussions.


Scott Hinrichs said...

These guys have turned me off for quite some time now. I note that they have sizable audiences, which I'll admit has occasionally caused me to wonder whether it is me or them that is screwed up. (Or maybe me and them.)

y-intercept said...

The Dialectics is not about winning the war of ideas. It is about structuring the debate so that one can rise to power.

What happens is that the Left promotes hot heads on the right.

Hannity and Rush get massive audience because the MSM promotes them as the opposition. So these shows have a double whammy of self promotion plus the are promoted as the royal opposition.

It is sad. If we could ever start a truly authentic discussion about what the Marxist Dialectic is, then we could halt a great deal of the world's misery.

Unfortunately we can't because Ruah, Hannity and others are so eager to jump into the fray that they forget that by adopting the methodology of the Marxist they become the thing that they believe they are opposing.

Scott Hinrichs said...

Good points. Years ago I listened to Rush and heard him say that he is simply using the Left's own methods against it. While there may be some kind of poetic justice in that, it has always rubbed me wrong. Now I understand better why that is the case.

I have also wondered, particularly in recent months, why the MSM and even the White House have engaged in loads of free advertising for these guys.

Perhaps it works something like the old joke Paul Harvey used to tell about a lawyer opening up shop in a small town in Oklahoma. For the first few years business was so poor that he had to scrape to feed his family. Then a second lawyer opened a shop in the town and soon both of them had more business than they could handle.