Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Defenders of the Status Quo --- Not

Imagine the outrage that would ensue if Bush Administration had added a flash page to Whitehouse.gov that was a partisan attack aimed at silencing political dissent.

The flash page says:

There is a lot of misinformation being spread by defenders of the status quo. Find out what's in health insurance reform for you, and what's not in it at all.

The black and white statement that everyone opposed to the bill favors the status quot is way off base.

The loudest voices are from those who oppose government meddling in health care choices.

What is the status quo anyway?

The status quo of 2009 is that health care is burdened by an inefficient government bureaucracy and the government controls the majority of spending in health care.

The only real change of the bill is that people who seek to opt out of the medical bureaucracy by self funding their care will be completely locked out, and that the bureaucracy will get larger.

Defeating the bill might actually do more to change the status quo than passing it.

The health care debate of 2009 has awoken people to the fact that they have no equity in their employer based insurance and that it can and likely will be wiped out by fiat.

The game of assigning motives to others is one of the most vile and divisive forms of misinformation.

I don't know the motives of people opposed to the health care bill. Since big insurance and big government are rewarded by the bill, I suspect that most the people opposed to the bill see it as an afront to the American tradition of freedom.

I know for a fact that I am not defending the status quo, but am hoping anger about the bill with get people to drop third party health care schemes and self fund their care.

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