Saturday, August 01, 2009

Big Reform Small Reform

People might remember that, during the surge, the press was full of condemnation for the Iraq Parliament that was unable to get things done.

The representatives broke and went home.

When they came back, the surge started working and there was a renewed sense of democracy.

I believe that it is in the recess is the time when real democracy happens.

Interaction with the people in the nation is far more important than the interaction between the agenda setters at the power center.

Representatives spent months listening to big insurance, big unions, big lobbyist, big medicine, big banks, big media and big government advocates. All things big favor big reform.

The recess is the only shot that real people have at influencing the health care decisions being made for them in the halls of power.

Although has reported that the big federal government power grab in health care is a done deed. I believe there is hope that, if people actually spent time talking about the benefits of freedom, representatives might clue and halt the march to centralized health care.

This is especially true if people speak about health care beyond big insurance. Real health care is not delivered in the form of thousand page bills that no-one reads. Real health care is about real world interactions between people.

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Scott Hinrichs said...

That is why it was insisted last spring that the health care thing would be a done deal by the end of July. The promoters knew that many supporters in Congress would go wobbly once they interfaced with people back home. Thank goodness that some at least slowed the process so that it must be continued after the August break.