Thursday, August 27, 2009

Plagiarizing My Own Work

If you are wondering, I am currently in the process of plagiarizing the posts in the blog about the Medical Savings And Loan and placing them on the site

My fiendish plan is to accumulate the blog posts into a book.

I am making some changes along the way. For example, the chapter titled A Drop in the Bucket takes the blog post Actuarial v. Lifecycle Analysis swaps the word "actuarial" with "pool."

Talking about the difference between a pool and person is more down to earth than using more abstract terms.

Reorganing the work into book might convince people that my large number of posts are just repeating the same theme. They are expanding the theme.

Anyway, I can officially be labeled a plagiarist. I really hope to get the work published. If I do, I ask the readers of this blog not to tell the publisher that you read it here first.

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Scott Hinrichs said...

By the way, I mention your Medical Savings and Loan plan in this post where I contrast it with a similar proposal published in a national magazine.