Sunday, August 09, 2009

My Opposition to Responsible Health Reform

Turns out that I am opposed to Responsible Health Reform.


I was really hoping to be an advocate of such a worthy cause.

This site is from the US Chamber of Commerce. The CoC supports the views of its members ... which happens to be politically connected businesses.

The site has valid points, but I disagree with the bolded section of their broad message which they summarize on the campaign page:

"America needs a better health care system -- one that delivers accessible, affordable, high-quality care. But we can’t achieve these goals with policies that attack the bedrock of our current health care system – employer sponsored health insurance."

There is absolutely nothing wrong with criticizing (attacking) business models that one doesn't like. A truly free market thrives on criticism.

It is not uncommon for open criticism of a business to inspire entrepreneurs to build a better business models.

I think the Medical Savings And Loan is a better mechanism for funding health care.

I could be wrong. I often am.

The criticism of a business often results in internal improvements in that business.

Nations that disallow criticism rarely improve.

I believe the CoC has focused on the wrong issue. The criticism of employer based insurance is not at fault.

The problem is the way that the left is criticizing the status quo.

What is wrong is that progressives have framed the debate as a Hegelian style thesis/antithesis conflict with an absolutist end in sight.

The freedom of speech is fundamental to the American Way.

The criticism isn't the problem.

The totalitarian goal is what is wrong. The progressives aren't leading us on a path toward improvement. They are following a totalitarian vision that destroys the path toward improvement. My next post will be on the totalitarian vision.

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