Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Inheriting a Medical Savings Account

The goal of the Medical Savings and Loan is to encourage people to save more than they expect to spend on health care.

If the system works correctly, then a large number of people would die with a positive balance on their account.

Leaving the world with a positive balance is a good thing.

As discussed in previous posts, the Medical Savings and Loan is not dependent on special laws. (It simply requires that group insurance is not given special advantage in the tax code).

The one law that I would love to see put in place is a law that allows people to transfer the positive balance in their medical savings and loan to loved ones or to a favorite charity.

When setting up a medical savings and loan, I would include from the beginning a charity that allowed people to donate their excess health resources to the the people in need regardless of any tax advantage.

If one establishes the precedence that that excess funds in the Medical Savings Accounts feed back into the system for health care needs, then the system becomes closed with 100% of the money deposited into accounts spent on health care.

For that matter, a greater percent of the money deposited in the medical savings and loan woudl be spent directly on health and it would be spent wiser than it would have been spent going through the insurance mechanism which shaves off sizeable chunks of money in risk analysis and commissions.

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Scott Hinrichs said...

Many redistributionists believe that inheritance is immoral. They even grudge leaving money to charity. They believe that only government can be the proper agent to properly distribute the wealth of the deceased.