Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blocking the Flow of Health Care Information

Health care is the process of applying time, knowledge and resources to the health of an individual. We are living substantially longer because we have substantially better information about our health.

Considering the importance that information plays in health, there is a strong argument that the health care revolution that took place in the United States happened because of the free flow of information allowed by the First Amendment of the Constitution.

According to the video below, during the great rush to ram a federally controlled health care system down our gullet, the Democratic Congress censured a health insurance company for the transgression of communicating with its clients about possible effects of the legislation.

The censoring made a partisan brouhaha as Republicans want the world to know all of the serious flaws of HR3200.

When I look at the censorship, I see something much more troubling.

Health care is about communicating information. In the design of the Medical Savings and Loan, I created an specialty called the Health Care Advocate. The people in this profession would devote their entire lives to learning about the health care system and helping people use their health resources to its maximum advantage.

The speed with which Congress intervened and censored communications between a health care provider and its clients bodes poorly for our health future.

The massive bureaucracy created by the bill will not only inject itself in the flow of money between patient and provider. It will inject itself and control the health care information that people need in making their critical medical decisions.

Health care is the application of time and knowledge to the care of health. The liberties that we are surrendering for this health care fiasco have been the foundations for many of the medical miracles that defined the American experience.

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