Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Quick Flash of Projection

The short video below includes off color language from a top level advisor in the White House.

The question is why, in our hyper partisan day, did the Republicans seem a bit better at passing laws than the Democrats.

I contend that Republicans had actually substantially more bipartisan and open to ideas from across the aisle than the press let on.

Progressives tend to hold to a Marxian dialectical style which pushes conflict into the forefront. This ideology is rife with contradictions and paradoxes. However, I've noticed that people who hold to this thought process hold to a self image of bipartisanship. The basic reasoning is: Since my ideology is rife with paradox and contradictions; I must be bipartisan.

People holding to the dialectics see those holding the classical Aristotelian/analytic view as being necessarily partisan.

I believe the opposite is true. I believe that people holding to the Aristotelian view are better at being bipartisan. After all, one can't be bipartisan until one has a basic grasp of their core principles. The left is struggling as they simply have strategies for projectings images onto people. As HR3200, the Cap and Trade Bill along with the Stimulus shows that they are bankrupt on ideas.

Anyway, the video below contains adult language. I believe it stands out as an example of projection.

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