Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Chapter 4 - The Nature of Health Care

This was a waste of time. For Chapter 4 of the Medical Savings and Loan, I wanted to write up an objective comparison of the ideas behind the current push for health care reform and the ideas behind the Medical Savings and Loan.

In recent days, people have been repeating the political theme that Congress must pass HR3200 because "Universal Health Care is a Moral Imperative."

The statement sounds impressive, but I could not get a solid handle on how this slogan plays out in the real world. Health is something that belongs to individual people. The bill before Congress does nothing but puts a corrupt bureaucracy between people and their doctor. Bureaucrats do not provide care. They simply feed off the system.

Removing layers of bureaucracy might do some good. Adding new hands to be bribed does nothing but increase corruption.

Having spent several days trying to figure out how the slogan for universal care could improve care, I finally gave up and chapter four is just a really weak reminder that health is an attribute of the individual. Health care is most effective when the resources for the care are near the individual.

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