Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Right to an Undefined Term

"Healthcare" is an undefined term. HR3200 and other health care reform bills left the actual contents of what healthcare includes to an unelected bureaucracy.

The healthcare debate is frustrating. People run around claiming that healthcare is a right without a solid knowledge of what their magical term means.

The healthcare we have today was unimaginable a hundred years ago. What could evolve a century in the future, if we retained the free market, is unimaginable today.

Our silly little non-debate has people demanding a right to an undefined term.

Had people been taught logic in school, they would stare at Congress incredulously.

Of course, had we been taught logic in school, we would have recognized our Representatives for the charlatans that they are and the debate would not be taking place.

The odd thing is that the media has successfully portrayed those who demand well defined terms and a substantive debate that steps beyond mere sloganeering as a mob and the masses just reacting on impulse to images as the standard bearers of reason.

An unknown quantity multipled by an unknown quantity is unknown. This idea that we have a right to an undefined term is as inane as the idea that one can quantify the unknown.

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