Friday, September 04, 2009

The Needy Greedy Little Serfs

If you went back in time to the days of American slavery in the South or to the dark centuries of feudalism in Europe; you would discover something very odd.

In these societies the rich lords saw themselves as the benevolent care takers of the people, and they saw the slaves and serfs as needy greedy people.

The rhetoric and self-delusions of the slave holder is almost identical to the thought process of the modern liberals and progressives as they try to thrust HR3200. There is little beyond a patronizing belief that people need a ruling class to make their health care decisions for them.

The similarities between the rhetoric of slave holders and modern progressives is not that surprising. A great deal of the logic at the center of modern liberalism was devised in efforts to defend slavery, then to construct the Jim Crow laws.

Meanwhile, on the home front, progressives seek to put a thug between parents and their children with Down syndrom. Why? Because those parents of children with down syndrom are just needy greedy little things.

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