Friday, September 04, 2009

Socially Concious Celebrities

I agree with the celebrity preacher Reverend Wright that celebrities are lousy at helping the poor, despite the fact that they beam a great deal of effort into creating just that image.

One of the great problems of the modern age is that people keep turning toward populist leaders who cultivate the image of the socially-conscious do-gooder. This process of focusing interest on the great one creates centralizing forces which end up impoverishing those on the peripheral.

I disagree with Reverend Wright's emphasis on social-consciousness as being the answer to the world's problem. Social-conscious, environmental-conscious, racial-conscience, etc., are much more about the image a person wishes to project than about the outcome of actions.

As such, I find the traditional approach to problems of focusing on individual morality to be a much better path to peace and prosperity.

PS: Notice how Reverend Wright opens his answer with an extremely hateful statement that Conservatives don't want to help the poor.

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