Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Republicans Want You To Die

In a highlight of the 2009 political season, Democratic Representative Alan Grayson stood on the House floor and issued the royal pronouncement "REPUBLICANS WANT YOU TO DIE!"

"The Republicans want you to die quickly."

I am not a Republican. I keep regretting my deceision, but I've voted for more Democrats in my life than Republicans. I prefet to throw away my vote on Libertarians than Republicans.

But on thinking about the speech below, I admit, living healthy and dying quickly is not a bad way to be. I knew a guy who was the epitome of fitness. Alta gives free lift tickets to people to locals who are skiing past a given age. He had several seasons of free skiing. One night, he went to bed. Had a heart attack in his sleep, and that was it.

Could there be any better way to live than a fulfilled active life followed by a pain free passing?

We can't all be lucky, but I wish such a life on people.

One the health care front, I wish we structured things such that people controlled their allotment of health care savings. If we did such, I think people would be making better decisions about health.

BTW: When I look at Representative Alan Grayson, I see the vilest of all creatures. The man self-righteously stands on a pulpit to project evil intentions on his opponents while engaged in a power grab of epic proportions.

The Republicans may not have a plan for a political power grab in health care. But, guess what? History shows that people do better when they control their health care resources. In feudal Europe, Kings, Lords and the Church had control of health care, and people died young and in misery. The Kings and Lords filled echoing courts with high minded speeches about their beneficience, but the people died young and died in misery.

Free people charged with their own care save resources, and figure out how to the spend their time and health resources to live longer and healthier lives. The free market is so successful that, which Democrats aren't busy projecting evil intentions on their opponents, they are criticizing Americans for living so long that they create global warming.

Here is the speech below:

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