Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Diabetes Example

President Barack Obama lays out an excellent example for the Medical Savings And Loan (and against the Pelosi health care reform plan) in the youtube video below.

In the video, Mr. Obama tells how doctors constrained by third party payment systems often end up making decisions that are not in the best interest of the patient. His example is that the health care systems (LIKE THE PROPOSAL CURRENTLY BEFORE THE HOUSE) where bureaucrats define items covered are extremely poor at given diabetics the valuable information they need to control their disease. Instead, the machine opt for the procedures approved by regulators.

Diabetes is a horrible illness that can be controlled through dietary changes, exercise and supplements.

But, guess what?

When people have control over there own resources and realize that they will need to pay $30k and have a foot removed if they don't shape up ... the greedy little people that the left despise will move heaven and earth to control their disease, save their foot and save the amputation fee.

The video below shows clearly just how we are underserved by third partyment systems and is a prime reason why people should reject outright the health care reform that outlaws self-funding of health care.


Anonymous said...

If I may, Diabetes (which I have) is an excellent example of what's wrong with ObamaCare.

Obi-Won used the red pill/blue pill example and said that a government body will decide which protocol is the best option and everyone needing treatment will receive the colored pill they choose.

Diabetes is as personal as a disease as you'll ever find, endocrinologists & internal medicine specialists often need to try dozens of protocols before they hit upon a winner. Even then, the patient will need to adjust later when the body builds up resistance to the medication.

It is often difficult to convince insurance companies to change medications after they've been approved but not impossible as it would be with a Government body making the decisions. Ever try to appeal a Medicare decision?

Under ObamaCare, you receive the blue pill now, the blue pill later, the blue pill until the disease kills you.
Count Taly d'Haricots

Scott Hinrichs said...

I thought the President's admission that his health care administration would function like the Post Office was rather telling.

I hate going to the Post Office. I avoid going there if at all possible. No matter when I go, the lines are always long and slow moving. The Post Office gives volume discounts for those that send me unwanted junk mail, while charging me premium rates to send a letter.

Is it any wonder that people have resorted to email instead of postal service for many communications that used to be handled through snail mail?

At least the Constitution specifically enumerates government supplied postal service. It does not enumerate government provided health insurance or any number of other social programs that have evolved, but that somehow are considered to be constitutional.

Today there is no longer any legitimate business or governmental purpose in the government providing postal service. I would support amending the Constitution to reflect this.

So, the President's use of the Post Office to bolster his health care power grab kind of falls flat.

y-intercept said...

Count Taly d'Haricots, I wish you well in controlling your Diabetes. It is my sincerest wish that people save resources so that they can find the right options to maintain their health.


The admission of flaws in the Post Pffice took me by surprise as well. I think Obama is really good at seeing the problems, but that his problem solving skills have been messed up by radical professors who see greater government control for all problems.

For example, if the PO is ill, then it must be merged with UPS to make a healthy company.