Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What Is ObamaCare?

I am extremely upset with the Conservative movement.

For the last three years, conservative clowns shoved everyone else aside as they claimed to be the defenders of freedom. They told us to hold on until 2012 when there would be a big campaign to restore freedom.

But what do we find in their precious Republican Primary? We find that the Republican Establishment seeks to capture the centralized Health Exchange of PPACA and not free us from state controlled health care.

Notice how the Republicans actively suppress discussion of real free market reform while ignoring the fact that the center piece of ObamaCare are Centralized Health Exchanges implemented at the state level.

The central idea of both RomneyCare and ObamaCare is to create a centralized health exchange through which an unelected ruling elite controls health care and all of the resources we put aside for health care.

PPACA is a collection of Health Exchanges implemented at the state level wrapped in Federal Regulation.

The Republican Establishment seeks to capture this aperatus and not restore health freedom.

The only way the liberty movement can prevent this from happening is by engaging in a discussion of real free market health care reform.

If people engaged in a discussion of real free market health care reform, they would realize that people cannot be free if their health and health resources are controlled through a captured and corrupt centralized exchange.

I've exhausted myself and my personal resources trying to find a group to discuss free market health care reform.

Both the Democratic and Republican Party are on the path to implement centralized exchanges. Unless someone stands in opposition to the exchanges, freedom is lost in this nation for the foreseeable future.

PPACA is a Health Care Exchange. It is bad legislation because a captured exchange that controls your health and your health care resources is a corrupt and bad idea.

The conservative media has never allowed and never will allow a discussion of real free market health care reform. Members of the Tea Party have as much to fear from the Republicans and they do the Democrats.

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