Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is the Tea Party Dead?

I decided to take another stab at holding a "Health Freedom Conference." A health freedom conference would get people together to discuss the concept of health freedom. My price for organizing such an event would be that I get to hold a little workshop on the Medical Savings and Loan.

As I only have enough room on the credit care to drive a few hundred miles, I decided to email all the tea party groups I could find in the Mountain West.

To my sorrow. Most of the tea party web sites I knew about have gone blank. Others have not been updated for a year or so, and none of them appeared to be making any progress.

This apparent death of the Tea Party made me sad. But it was predictable. The Tea Party has one fundamental flaw. It was a political movement for less politics. (A movement for less government is a movement for less politics).

The movement was populated by people, like me, who simply do not see a political solution to the problems of the day. The Republican Party was at Tea Party events recruiting people to beome political activists, but being an activist for less political action is a self-negating thing.

A health freedom conference might help revive the spirit of the tea party.

A health freedom conference isn't calling for political action. It is calling for business action. Following is my chain of reasoning:

Health care is about the face to face care of individual people. It is not a political problem; so there is not a political solutions. Political solutions actually have a tendency to create more problems. For example, employer based insurance was a political solution. Employer based health care leaves large numbers of people cut out of the system.

There needs to be some political action to preserve health freedom. A health freedom conference would call for a multifront battle with both political and business action. People, like me, who have no interest in politics could work on the business action part of the equation.

Anyway, I am back to spamming Tea Party and Campaign for Liberty type groups to see if there is any interest in hosting a Health Freedom Conference. Anyone interested in the concept can contact me.

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