Sunday, February 05, 2012

Professional Sports Franchises Up for Grabs

It's Superbowl time and the air is full of talk of sports.

I was just reading an article about the orgins of football and the first players who were largely driven by the love of the game (and the love of life).

Those first pioneers who developed football and baseball were great.

They really went out on a limb to pursue an activity that they loved. They are worthy of admiration.

Speaking of the Superbowl ... Have you ever wanted to own your own professional sports franchise?

Do you think it would be fun to participate in a weekend activity where you will burn some calaries while getting a bunch of inbound links to your web site or blog?

Are you in Utah, Colorado, Arizona (or perhaps San Diego)?

I am working on a new social networking sport called

Yes, it is a sport that involves social networking and physical activity! It is a participatory sport. In football, only a few people play. Most sit idly and watch. In juggleball, everybody who wants to play gets to play.

The game works as follows: When you join the game, you get numbered balls. You engage in a number of juggle relays. This involves running with the balls between bases (such as in a baseball diamond).

If you are unable to run, you can just stay at a base.

The winner of each game is the person who is best at completing the relays.

In most sports, the goal is to vanquish an enemy. In Juggleball, you compete in your ability to cooperate with others.

At the end of the game you will have a different set of balls than you started with. The scorekeeper will record the number of the balls and enter this information on The balls bouncing around from player to play will form an interesting social network.

The first people who play the game will get the lowest numbered balls. The first scorekeepers will be lauded as the pioneers of the sport. They will get thousands of inbound links and there will be songs, sonets and museums praising their forthrightness and fortitude for centuries to come.

To get the ball rolling. I need brave souls to step up as scorekeepers ... the scorekeepers work for a franchise.

To own a juggleball franchise you will need access to a computer, the ability to secure a playing field and to get a dozen or so people to show up at a field for a game.

The franchise can be part of another business. For example, if you own a business or store; you can add the franchise as part of your existing lines of business.

A franchise is likely to be selling things, and might need a sales tax id.

I will reserve the first 1234 numbers for people who contact me and show interest in owning a franchise and becoming scorekeepers.

At this moment, I am especially interested in contacting people from places I can easily travel to. I live in Salt Lake City. I hope to be traveling to Arizona at the end of the month and possibly to San Diego.

I am especially interested in people who live in or can travel to Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada (Las Vegas), Utah, Wyoming or possibly San Diego. Small towns are as good as big ones in my book.

Of course, you can contact me from anywhere (including outside the US). I will put you on a mailing list.

As you watch the Superbowl, think about how fun it would be to own your own professional sports franchise. The cost to join is minimal, the limited opportunity to get in for free will pass you by if you fail to contact me.

The best way to contact me is to register for a free Community Color you can do this securely on then use the secure contact form .

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