Sunday, February 05, 2012

Participation is the Requirement

Wow, those people at the Superbowl sure are having fun.

Wouldn't it be fun to own a professional sports franchise?

I would rather participate than spectate.
Unfortunately, the franchises for football are taken and they cost a lot. I wonder how much other sports franchises cost?

I put up a call for people to start a social networking sport called Juggleball.

It is a sport that combines social networking (eg. Twitter) and physical activity.

What is the cost for starting a Juggleball franchise?
At this moment, the cost for starting a franchise is participation.

The ideal franchisee is a small business owner, a nonprofit, a business coach, a church or anyone who is skilled at motivating people.

(I mentioned Churches and nonprofits because juggleball is ideally suited for fundraisers. For that matter, my goal is to use juggleball to raise funds for an effort called The Medical Savings and Loan.)

What will be demanded of you is that you make an effort. That you participate.
To start a franchise, you need to be able to get twelve people (preferably over 18) together at a place of your chosing. The place could be a local park, some sort of sports court, an empty parking lot, a school playing field, a reception center or meeting space where a dozen people can legally meet and run around.

(It is a sport, there is activity involved. Physically disabled people can play this game).

It is a coed sport. Both men and women can play. For that matter the more mixed up the better.

You, the franchisee, will be responsible for all costs related to the location including liability costs. (NOTE, there is an income opportunity associated with the game). The franchisee will be responsible for taxes on funds collected during the game.

If you believe you have the skills to get twelve people to show up at a location of your chosing; then contact me. You will need to give me an email address, a phone number and tell me the locations you can play.

I am hoping to travel from Salt Lake City through Arizona to San Diego at the end of February. I also hope to travel to Colorado and Wyoming in the summer. People on this itinerary will get preference. But I will include people from anywhere.

If there was a great deal of interest in some distantant land, I would find a way to get to the interested group.
I will make a big list of all the people who contact me. I will look at a map and plot a course from Salt Lake to San Diego and back. I will then sketch out an itinerary and contact people with a date range when I can get through town. I will contact you and we will schedule a game.

During the game, I will make a pitch selling a token called JuggleArt  .. which I will sell for $20 a pop ... we will get into all that after you contact me. Buying the juggleart is not required to play the game.

If we schedule a game and I show up to find fewer than 6 people were there, I will charge you a $100 you-just-wasted-my-day fee ... unless of course, they buy six of silly JuggleArt products.

Anyway, juggleball is a participatory social networking sport. The cost of starting a franchise is your willingness to participate. Your scheduling a game and getting a dozen adults to show up will prove to me your willingness to participate. If you think you can do that, then contact me.

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