Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Spartan Race

People are hungry for opportunities to participate.

Spartan Race is a great example of a traveling participatory sport. This group goes from state to state organizing races. They are currently in Arizona.

Spartan Race is an endurance race that includes mud and obstacles. This race is designed to see if people are Spartan tough. This race would appeal to some. Not to others.

Me? I am more of a Athenian philosopher than a Spartan warrior.

There are numerous urban challenges, relay races and incredibly boring just run while your mind is empty races.
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Decades ago, I created a really fun social networking sport called Juggleball. The game involves relays from base to base in which players exchange balls. Whoever is best at working with others wins.

The game involves social networking and fitness. It can be configured for people of different activity levels.

The program has a fundraising component and can be used as either a fundraiser for a charity or as a for profit business. I like for profit businesses because they provide people with jobs and money.

I am wanting to use the program as a fundraiser for a project called The Medical Savings and Loan. I would love to hear from anyone who wants to participate. Participating in life is more interesting that just hanging on the sidelines spectating.

If anyone wants to participate in the creation of a new social networking sport, please Contact Me.

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