Tuesday, February 14, 2012

President Pick 2/14/2012

I was just asked the question from JaneMiami
"@yintercept Thns for follow. Who do you like for President in 2012, if you don't mind my asking. :)"

I do not believe the restoration of America will come from the president. The answers to our problems must come from the people. So, what I care about most is which president will create an intellectual climate in which we can talk about the fundamental problems of the day.

The establishment candidate is likely to lead to a poisonous climate with both the left and right silencing the voice of freedom.

I agree with Ron Paul on most issues, but realize that if was president there would be such a shrill reaction that his important message would be lost.

So, the candidate that I think would lead to the best intellectual climate is Newt Gingrich. Although he is somewhat of a technocrat, he is a historian and philsopher who loves to discuss ideas ... Newt Gingrich.

I would support any candidate except the establishment candidate. If the establishment candidate won, I'd be voting third party.

This said, my really big concern is figuring out how to get Americans to talk about health freedom. I am trying my hardest to get people to talk about self-funded health care with a program called The Medical Savings and Loan.


Anonymous said...

Bravo. Well said. For me, healing and prosperity will come with a long list, but here are a few things to insert into the conversation.

We must protect the voice of the people. This, like our religious freedom, is a precious right.

1. Campaign finance is badly needed. It will not happen unless Teaparty and Occupy demand it. That may be bitter medicine, but to me - this has been the biggest missed opportunity of those movements. It is only when those polarized movements look for unifying themes that citizens can unleash our power to fix things. US, WE, Unified.

2. We need to ensure that we have social networking, make sure the FCC protects small radio stations and newspapers. There is a certain amount of regulation that has to go on there, but when the NRA and the Catholic Church agree on something, you know you have a key issue. Regulation of FCC means protecting, not squelching, the voice of the people. This is counterintuitive, but I challenge conservatives to read up on who stands on this side of the issue. When the voice is corporatized, we might as well cut off the head of freedom. Corporations are not humans, and they certainly are not citizens of the US. Thomas Jefferson would roll over in his grave.

3. We need to step out of our milk-and-honey and entitlement mindset. US Citizens need to take responsibility for their own lives and their elected officials. I am clueless as to how to make this happen, but I know it should not fall on the Gov's To Do list.

I could keep going, but I'd be writing all night.

For the record, I respect Dr. Paul, but you are right. The world is not ready for him. I am, without doubt, #withNewt. This is the right time for him to step in and help us out.


y-intercept said...

The Medical Savings and Program I mentioned addresses issue #3. It argues for self-funded health care and demonstrates why it leads to better results.