Thursday, February 16, 2012

Conservatives, Arrgggghhhhhhhhh!

I care deeply about freedom. I've basically reduced myself to poverty trying to fight the cause of restoring freedom in American.

At every turn, I've been shoved asided by thuggish half witted brutes who call themselves conservatives. Conservatives are people who make a shrill noise about how they are the soul defenders of freedom in the universe, then beat down their neighbors in the grub for power.

Just like liberals, Conservative businesses line up at the government trough asking for favors and power. Any complaint leads to immediate rebuke.

The Republican debate is filled with shrill monologues about who is and who is not "conservative."

My direct experience and the definition that most my friends hold is that a "conservative is a person who uses free market rhetoric in the grub for power. Power used to push others aside."

Romney is the spitting image of every conservative I've ever known. He uses free market rhetoric, then spends his every action consolidating political and business power in the hands of his few well-connected friends.

If my every experience with conservatism is true, then the Tea Party destroyed itself by an insane desire to associate itself with a captured and compromised term. I wrote the follow rebuke to a person, who has yet to figure out that words often have more than one definition, and that clinging to the term "conservativism" allows the elite to destroy our freedom through equivocation.

You did not get my point. Romney doesn't fit your definition of "conservative."

Romney fits the common definition of conservative which essentially is: "a cynical political opportunist, a base political animal, who uses the language of conservatism or liberalism to get himself elected."

The first conservatives in the US were the Tories. The left/right partisan split came from the French Revolution with Conservatives supporting the ancient regime and the Liberals supporting mass insanity.

Every experience I have had with conservatives is that conservatives shove everyone else aside with the claims that they (AND ONLY THEY) are the defenders of freedom. The second a Conservative gets power, the Conservative continues to shove people aside to grub at wealth and power.

Please, step back a second and look at your precious little term. If the common definition that everyone except you holds is true. If "conservative" means that a politician who uses free market rhetoric to grub power; then all the wonderful conservatives that I love in the Tea Party are systematically being reduced to stooges ... just like the foul smelly dupes in OWS.

It is entirely possible that the Tea Party undermined itself by trying to identify its message with a word that is corrupt and paradoxical.

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