Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Role of Government in Business

Americans and pundits keep saying that they want a president who puts business first.

This is exactly the wrong answer!

The president is not the source of wealth in the nation. The people are the source of wealth.

This ongoing demand for the president and congress to do something about the economy is the source of our economic mess.

Barack Obama put the economy first. The first thing he did was pass the stimulous. Congress passed a big bill messing with healthcare. They passed all sorts of financial regulations that they believed would improve things. They socialized college loans. They bought GM. They bailed out banks, they did this, that and the next thing in business.

This stupid notion that wealth flows from the king is a kick back to feudalism. It is pig-headed and backwards.

The US Founders realized that the wealth flows from the people. For the most part, government gets in the way.

This idea that we need a president with a big business background and backed by friends in big finance is completely wrong.

If you see someone repeating the talking point that we need a president with big business connections to get big business back on track; could you please grab the person by the elbows, shake violently, slap him really hard and yell: "What are you thinking!?"

Fulfilling the duties enumerated in the Constitution is enough for any man. We don't need a president to design school curriculum (ie No Child Left Behind). We don't need a president to provide healthcare (PPACA). We don't need a president to give us low cost drugs.

We do not need a political leader to run our nation's businesses!!!!!!!!

 Every time we demand that the president divert from the duties enumerated in the Constitution, our nation diminishes.

Please, i beg you. Stop demanding that the president become a god!

It is the pundits who keep demanding that our government expand that are putting the shackles on our nation's children.

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