Sunday, February 12, 2012

Partisan conservatives are not champions of freedom

I was watching videos from CPAC. It would be so wonderful to actually sit down and talk to people about restoring freedom. Sadly, I live in an intellectual wilderness called Utah.

Living in a state where state where conservatives rule with an iron fist, I see all of the faults of the conservative movement.

American Conservatism is decidedly incomplete and partisan vision of the American experience.

The great left/right was a product of the French Revolution, not the American Revolution. The dialectical reasoning underlying modern Conservatism came from Hegel (1770-1831), not from the US Founders. The US Founders were students of classical logic, not modern dialectics.

Because of its partisan and dialectical roots, the Conservative movement is one in which people use freedom rhetoric and become oppressive in their actions.

Conservatives will use freedom rhetoric to gain power. As partisans, they then lock out people who are not part of their group.

People who gain power then lock other people out are not liberators. They are oppressors.

Leftwing progressives, the other side of modern partisan dialectics, play on the hypocrisy of modern conservatives in their own shameful grub for power. The paradox of the left is that the partisans clamoring against oppression become even worse oppressors as they seek to impose social justice on their partisan foes. Locking people out is passive oppression. The left engages in active oppression.

Conservatives and Progressions are the two wings of a partisan dialectic system that is choking off the freedom envisioned by the US Founders.

For a vision of freedom to work, that vision must actually be inclusive.

I love watching videos from CPAC … where conservatives vie to see who is best at delivering freedom rhetoric.

Living in the most conservative state of the nation, Utah, I am forced to live under the yoke of oppressive conservative partisanship.

My circumstances are actually quite interesting. I want to discuss a concept that I've branded "The Medical Savings and Loan." The program argues that the problem in health care is group funding of individual consumption and that the best path to repealing ObamaCare would be to promote self funded health care.

If executed correctly, the project can generate reams of compelling freedom rhetoric.

Since I am not part of the group (I am not LDS), Utah Republicans make a big show of locking me out.

I came up with the project 30 years ago and have spent tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours trying to present local conservatives a plan that would fit within their rhetoric.

The ugly partisanship and desire to control others that dominates the conservative mindset leads this group to systematically lock out other people.

Modern conservatism is decidedly partisan and incomplete. It was a product of the dialectical thinking of the French Revolution and modern philosophy. (Hegel, etc.).

The US Founders learned classical logic. They realized that the challenge to creating a free society was to avoid the reflexive paradox. A free society cannot survive if it gives any group the freedom to deny freedom to others.

I like to call the Founding Fathers classical liberals. They studied classical logic and applied classical analytical reasoning to the questions of liberty and came up with a relatively free society.

Conservatives and Progressives (the left right split) came from the French Revolution. Its members cling to Hegelian dialectics and partisan conflict in their never ending grub for power.

Despite all of the inspiring freedom rhetoric from CPAC, we live in a world where conservatives and progressives are part of the same dance that systemically destroys the American experiment in self government.

For the last thirty years, I've tried to engage conservative Utahans in a discussion about self funded health care. Utah conservatives claim to favor self-reliance. Utah has many companies that sell preparedness products. But since I am not part of the group that seeks domination, I am simply locked out.

As I watch CPAC, I long to partake in the conversation about freedom. Each time I hear a speaker position partisan conservatism as the soul defender of freedom I want to yell through the screen that partisan conservatives are not the defenders of freedom. These partisan conservatives at CPAC are as much a part of the problem as the partisan progressives in Occupy Wall Street.

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