Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Speaking of Arizona ...

I got back from my trip to Idaho where I had a meeting with my grand nephew.

I tried to explain to him the vagaries of domestic politics.

His whole future is at stake, but he fell asleep during the discussion.

I noticed that the Arizona primary debates are scheduled for tonight.

I've been toying with the idea of driving down to Arizona to draw up interest in the Medical Savings and Loan.

The Medical Savings and Loan argues that the problem in health care is that we are using group funding for individual consumption and that, to restore the pricing mechanism in health care, we need to restore a system of self funded health care.

The MS&L is an alternative to insurance that expects those who can self-fund their care to do so. It will create a grants program to help those who cannot.

The program strikes directly at the insurance mandates in ObamaCare and could help in the cause of restoring the American system of limited government.

It is a really good presentation.

If any Arizona Campaign for Liberty or Tea Party group is interested in the presentation, please contact me.

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