Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On Clarity of Ideas

I wanted to be a math teacher, but failed the ideological litmus test administered by the leftist professors at the University of Utah. I was required to write an essay on how I would apply Marxist ideology in my classroom. I wrote that I preferred the classical liberal ideals of the U.S. Founders.

I failed three courses in one quarter for supporting the vision of the US Founders.

The stated goal of the education department was to engineer a cultural environment where students never encountered classical logic, traditional math, or (God forbid) the ideas that led to the founding of the United States.

So, I actually sat in classes in which Marxist professors at the U openly discussed the use of propaganda techniques in the classroom. The goal was to make Marxist thinking appear normal and classical liberal thought to appear bizarre.

The same techniques were taught in journalism. They wouldn't even let me in that department having flunked out of the education department.

So, it is funny to watch the news and see the large number of pundits and so-called journalists pretending that the language and logic of the Tea Party is some bizarre RACIST-doublespeak.

It is the political maneuvering of the left that is classic doublespeak.

The Health Care bill of the 111th Congress is a case in point.

The proponents of the bill failed to give it a commonly accepted name. People did not know what was in the bill when they voted for it. Despite Pelosi's promise, a year after the legislation passed, there is still general confusion about what was in the bill.

There is simply an impenetrable wall of bureaucrats.

While the Tea Party is far from perfect, I applaud it for being a thousand times better than our evasive ruling class.

Unfortunately, Utah does not have a strong Tea Party movement. We have right wing politician who seek to capture and reframe the tea party message.

I wish our nation would find a way to relearn the classical logic and world view of the founders. We would find answers to our problems if we ever did so.

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