Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Activism and Anger

Apparently there was a poll out today claiming that there is increasing anger in America.

Images indicate that there is a great deal of anger abroad as well.

When people talk about anger, there is a tendency to direct the anger at one's political opponents. The progressives I know aim their talk at conservatives and conservatives at progressives.

In my opinion, the base anger that we feel today is not caused by the faults of one particular party. The anger is a direct result of the activist model of politics.

In this model a group seeking political power will send out a legion of activists to agitate for change. This agitation creates an underlying sense of anger that the politicians then use to garner support and gain power.

A community organizer who unites one part of a community against another is actually creating deeper divisions and a seriously unbalanced community.

This model of activists agitating for change was developed and perfected by the left. The reactionary right has the tendency to adopt the techniques of the left. Many self-described centrists play the dialectical game of fanning the flames of the dialectical conflict hoping that they could fool people into seeing the corrupt center as a balanced solution to the conflict.

The agitation model can lead to a feedback loop where the agitation amplifies through the left, right and center until people start killing each other.

The best way to dampen the problem is for people to realize that much of the anger is the result of the methodology used by the political class to grab and centralize power.

If we learned to recognize the tricks used by the political class in their never ending grub for power, we could avoid the traps they set for us and maybe even figure out how to restore some of the freedoms we have been systematically losing.

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