Saturday, June 18, 2011

Business Model - The Trivium

One of the first and most pernicious actions of the progressives was the removal of logic from the school. Replacing logic with Hegelian dialectics took place over 75 years ago.

I've been thinking that one could create a business model in which offered after school classes in the trivium (language, logic and rhetoric). The class would include an introduction to classical logic and traditional grammar and include a discussion of the role of language, logic and rhetoric in a free society.

The founders of the United States studied a refined version of classical Aristotelian logic ... usually Arnauld or Watts. I would be tempted to take the outline from Arnauld modified for a free society.

An after school class in logic would be beneficial for the students. It would have the side benefit of driving the progressive overlords at the public school batty as they would end up with free thinking students willing to question the public school indoctrination.

Unfortunately, as with most of my business models, the first step in the business plan involves moving out of Utah and finding a group supportive of the concept. If anyone is interested in this type of business model, I would be more than happy to help them pull it off.

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