Thursday, June 16, 2011

Loving and Hating Insurance

One of the blocks holding me back on self-publishing a book on the Medical Savings and Loan as a web site is that the work includes a long drawn out criticism of insurance.

Insurance uses group funding for individual consumption. This absurd arrangement is inherently corrupt and prone to catastrophic failure.

The Medical Savings and Loan shows how we can deconstruct existing insurance pools and rebuild them on an individual basis.

The bulk of the argument for the MS&L is a direct comparison between the MS&L and insurance. In my unpublished writings on the subject, I tear apart each of the major complaints about insurance and show that they are a direct result of this attempt to fund health care with group pools.

The comments on this web site indicates that web browsers simply don't read complex arguments like a comparison of Item A to Item B.

Specifically, I've found that if I come up with a strong attack against insurance, progressives immediately take that attack and wave it as a banner saying single payer or socialized medicine is the only possible way to provide health care.

Anyway, I was working on the swamp cooler today and began running the scenarios progressives would use to mischaracterize the work when I hit on a wonderful insight.

The MS&L includes a long diatribe about the evils of insurance. Progressives rant and rail against insurance companies.

My insight was that I like insurance companies. I just hate the product they sell.

Progressives love insurance. They hate insurance companies.

I think the solution to the health care crisis is to create a new product to compete with. Progressives believe the solution is to nationalize 17% of the economy and to make a failed product absolute.

I am happy with my distinction and will repeat it:

I like insurance companies, but hate the product. Progressive love the product but hate insurance companies.

With this distinction in place, I might find ways to write a web site that is not completely mischaracterized by the attack dogs on the left.

Regardless, I would rather spend a day physically talking with freedom loving people than sitting in a dark basement writing blog posts after midnight.

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celulitis nunca mas said...

we will always have good people who do not agree with our comments this, or our way of seeing the world, what matters is finding solutions to these differences