Wednesday, June 15, 2011

MS&L Conference

Big Finance (at the heart of our economic woes) was the creation of progressives. Centralized markets, insurance, big banking and big exchanges were created with the foolish notion that we could progress society through economic centralization.

Contrary to the paradoxical claims of progressives, centralization of authority widens the gap between rich and poor. The totalitarian centralized state admired by progressives is actually regressive.

The society envisioned by the US Founders distributed authority. Decentralized authority allows people the realize their full potential. Decentralizing authority allows more people to realize their potential. Freedom leads to real progress.

Progressives gain power by working on both the economic and political front. Progressives create big centralized markets, then attack the free market when their big centralized markets fail.

For the Tea Party to successfully restore the vision of our Founders, the tea party must work on both the economic and political fronts. Yes, patriots need to seek political victory. They most also seek to create new financial tools which decentralize the financial system.

I am not good at politics.

However, I could contribute to the creation of alternatives to big finance.

A great sample of my thinking process is the Medical Savings and Loan.
The MS&L reconstructs health insurance along free market principles.

I have not published the full specifications of the project because I want to talk to people about it first.

For the last three years, I've been stuck in a rut of trying to find a group willing to spend a few days to talk about the project.

Did I mention that I am terrible at politics?

I have absolutely no interest in political organization. But there are people who are good at this and who revel in putting together meetings.

So, I have a great idea that would make a great meeting for a pro-liberty group.

I have zero interest in developing a political group.

I love ideas. I hate politics.

So, for the last three years, I've been desparately trying to find a group willing to host a conference on the Medical Savings and Loan.

A group that is seeking to preserve liberty would find the Medical Savings and Loan fascinating. The meeting would provide a perspective of the health care crisis that has been ignored. The meeting would prove that self-funded health care would solve a myriad of economic and political woes.

There are people who love the vision of the US founders and who are good at hosting meetings. I have a fascinating meeting that provides insight into the free market.

The full presentation takes about six hours, but I can morph it to fit any time slot.

I live in Salt Lake City. Salt Lake and Park City are beautiful places to meet, but I am also willing to travel. I am a native of Denver. At this point, I would travel to any location where freedom loving people are gathered trying to find a way to fight the oppressive forces of the progressives.

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