Thursday, June 09, 2011

Righteous Indignation

I just finished Righteous Indignation by Andrew Breitbart which details the authors conversion from a complacent lefty to an active righty.

The book is a quick read which provides the inside scoop on the culture wars in the media and Hollywood.

As for the genre of political conversions, I still prefer the compelling story of David Horowitz in Radical Son which provides a deeper compelling conversion of an active Marxist to Conservative.

Mr. Breitbart is a happy culture warrior who drew some blood in the last election cycle. The launch of the site helped defend the tea party against false accusations and helped bring down the corrupt ACORN fraud machine.

For a quick read, the book provides some good insights into the intellectual corruption of the left wing media and makes a compelling argument for citizen journalists to stand up and start reporting on the corruption that the main stream media systemically ignores.

Chapter 6 provides a very quick overview of the radical foundation of the modern left as the dialectics evolved through Rousseau, Hegel, Marx and was popularized in California by lost souls like Eric Fromm and Herbert Marcuse.

I am really happy that Breitbart is having success a culture warrior. Though as I read yet another political conversion in a long stream of political conversion essays, I can't help but wonder if Breitbart has realized that switching from left to right does not actually defeat the dialectics.

Karl Popper's work "The Open Society and Its Enemies" is a deep criticism of the dialectics, but the Open Society Institute that bears the name of this work preserve in tact all of the intellectual corruptions Popper's work exposed.

Breitbart is doing a great job using new media to counter the tactics of the left. The tactics themselves are not sufficient to dig us out of the swamp of Marxism.

Righteous Indignation is a fun short read that might shock some people out of complacency. To actually pull of a restoration of the American experiment, the defenders of liberty need to engage in a deeper fundamental discussion about epistemology and the history of ideas.

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