Saturday, June 18, 2011

Three Part Zombie Movie

Here is my idea for a three part zombie movie: (This is a really gory movie where we slaughter zombies by the score).

PART ONE: (The Struggle for Unity) We are years into the zombie investation. There are just a few huddled tribes of non-zombies left ... the tribes are struggling to survive. Casualties in the zombie war keep mounting and the lone tribes realize that they must unite to survive.

There are some interesting differences between the tribes. Tribe A thinks the zombies were created by radiation. Tribe B thinks it was caused by stem cell research. Tribe A gets by on foraging for food. Tribe B is trying to grow food but keep getting raided.

Members of the two human tribes make contact with each other through encrypted radio and decide the tribes have to unite to save the human race.

They plan a meeting. When they get to the meeting place, they find it is crawling with zombines and a really big zombie battle takes place.

Each side takes on many casualties during the zombie war.

While trying to restore contact with the other humans the heroes of the zombie film suddenly realize that "the zombies" are in fact the other tribe of humans. There is a big fight scene at the radio room during which heros on both sides of the war realize that they are just perceiving the other side of the battle as zombies.

(The really cool thing about this zombie movie is that battle scenes mirror each other. A scene would show tribe A fighting zombie group B. The next scene shows tribe B fighting zombie group A. The actors get to play both zombies and humans. At the end of movie one, we realize the two tribes that are trying to unite are in fact fighting each other.)

PART TWO (The Reasonable Center)

At completion of PART ONE We have a small group of people who realize that zombie-ism is a matter of perception. This small group of people then must navigate the ongoing zombie wars to reduce the killing.

We know that ain't going to happen. PART TWO of the zombie film is as bloody at part one.

The killing keeps up at a brisk pace with only a small number of people catching onto the fact that whole zombie thing was a matter of perception.

The members of our hero click recount how each side of the zombie wars developed the impression that the other side was zombies. They recount how they came to believe they needed to kill the other side.

They lament that zombie-ism was created by the pig headed ideology of their fathers.

The small group tries to convince others of the truth. No matter how hard they try, the people they convince keep falling back into the zombie wars. Interestingly some switch sides in the attempts at conversion.

Finally, our heros learn of a place called "The Reasonable Center" and determine that the Reasonable Center would have the technology to reach compromise and end the horrific zombie wars.

So they battle their way through crowds of people who think they are zombies and reach the reasonable center at the end of Movie Two.

PART THREE (Zombie Catharsis)

PART TWO ends with our heros reaching the Reasonable Center. The Reasonable Center is all peaceful and pearly white. They think the good people at the Reasonable Center might be able to cure people of the false perceptions they built up about the different tribes being zombies.

Before they are seduced completely by the Reasonable Center an old man informs of them of the truth that the Reasonable Center is the group that created the false perceptions in the first place.

We learn that the founders of the Reasonable Center felt that they could engineer peace by creating a balanced conflict between the two sides. Schemers at the Reasonable Center just wanted to use the conflict for power.

Others at the Reasonable Center reveled in the fact that they could turn the conflict of false perceptions into open war.

We now discover that while the human tribes falsely perceived the other tribe as monsters, the real monsters were the mad scientists at the reasonable center who created and magnified the false dichotomy until society fell apart.

So PART THREE of the zombie movie ends with the last tribes of humans rising up against the Reasonable Center. During this last zombie battle, the zombie tribes start seeing eachother as human again and we finally recognize that the people at the "Reasonable Center" who project false images on both tribes were the real monsters from the beginning.

This would be a really fun zombie movie to film. I am worried a little bit about copyright infringement. My three part zombie movie seems to conflict with the business model of several media groups and political organizations. Such groups pretend to be the Reasonable Center while creating false dichotomies and projecting false images on the groups they label left and right.

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