Friday, July 01, 2011

Beck and the Dialectics

One of the odd things about The Dialectic is that, as people are drawn into diagnosing the problem, they become part of the problem.

Reactionary conservatives have a nasty history of becoming a mirror image of the corruptions they reacted against.

(NOTE the masters of the dialectics do their dirty work by projecting the dialectics onto their enemies. For example, a core part of the Alinsky method is efforts to guide the reaction to set up conflicts).

Anyway, I grew tired of the Glenn Beck show on Fox a long time ago because I did not see the format of the show leading to any substantive solutions.

Since I don't see the show leading to substantive solutions, I am happy to see Beck's show end and decided to stay up and watch the rerun of his last show.

Beck claims that he was not fired and that he wants to move on from just reporting on the problem to finding solutions. If this is true; then I applaud Glenn Beck for wanting to look to solutions.

Neither the press nor the political class like solutions. They want problems that demand greater consolidation of power.

Unfortunately, we've become a society that is so used to being pulled along by manufactured problems that we may not be able to engage in the process of finding solutions.

I can get people to rant about problems. I've never been able to get anyone to talk about solutions.

Way back in the 1960s and 1970s, my mother launched into an absolutely fasicinating exploration of the education of the founding fathers and wrote an excellent work showing how their mastery of language and logic allowed them to do great things.

We can find a great deal of solutions if we look to the education of the founding fathers. My mother never managed to get any interest in the solution.

I realized the insurance industry was systemically flawed in the 1980s and that there was a growing number of systemic flaws in both our health care and financial systems.

I developed an alternative to insurance called the Medical Savings and Loan.

In thirty years, I have not been able to get a group to seriously look at what could be a possible solution. They will only follow the reasoning through the conflict then immediately turn to using the conflict to gain power.

It would be wonderful if Glenn Beck realized that his fox show was becoming part of the problem. I wish him luck in finding ways to be part of the solution.

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