Saturday, January 14, 2012

Splitting the Vote

During both the Bush and Nixon years, the Republican Party successfully silenced the freedom movement. In both cases, the Republicans set up big wins for the socialist left.

My calculus is as follows: If Romney wins the nomination, then America would have a choice between four more years of a weakened Obama or eight years of a progressive Republican who actively suppresses the freedom movement in the Republican Party.

Since Progressive Democrats are most likely to win in 2020 (after Romney's dominion), I see Romney's winning the presidency as the end of health freedom.

According to my calculus, four more years of Obama would be preferable to Romney.

Remember, despite the fact that we have an imperial president, what the people does is still more important than what the president does. People are reactionary creations and they react against on overbearing leader.

So, Imagine that a libertarian leaning third party candidate split the vote in 2012. In such a scenario, the Republicans would take the Senate and Obama would win with less than a majority vote.

If this happened, then we would have four shrill years of a split government followed by an election in which both parties vied to get approval of the freedom movement.

A split vote would give us a weak president facing an opposition party followed by an election in which both parties actively distanced themselves from their progressive past and wooed the freedom movement.

In converse, if a progressive Republican won, we would see the Republican establishment actively suppressing the freedom movement in harmony with the progressive left which will seek to project the failures on socialism onto the freedom movement.

If you consider the reaction of the people, then the best possible outcome for 2012 would be for a third party to split the vote and for America to suffer another four years of Obama.

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