Monday, January 09, 2012

Centrism Becomes Irrational in a Progressive World

Ideas are fun. I love playing with them.

I've discovered that it is possible to find a compromise position between any two given ideas. Likewise, it is possible to frame any given idea as the compromise between two extremes.

I love to find compromises that resolve conflicts. It makes me feel good.

I used to think that centrism was a rational position. The centrist would look at the conflicts of the day, weigh both sides and seek to find a middle ground. You can't get more rational than that?

The sad truth is that the centrist is that centrists come to their conclusion by reacting to conflicts. Skilled manipulators can contrive conflicts that would drive the centrist's compromises.

Progressivism is a strategy that seeks to impose socialism through a progression of compromises. The progressive presents a conflict, often by projecting false images on the right.

The centrist seeks a compromise. This compromise, however, simply sets up the next conflict.

In this progressive system, the people who actually commit to a given compromise get framed as conservative. In many cases, one finds that the original position of the progressive gets projected on to the conservative.

The most dramatic example is racism. Prior to the Civil Rights movement, the left used the call for segregation to expand government. The media now routinely projects racism on the right.

In our modern progressive landscape, the centrists are the irrational reactionaries as they react to the never ending progression of conflicts presented by the radicals.

One can only achieve compromise when both parties involved are willing to commit to the compromise. Demanding compromise in a fluid environment just leads to chaos.

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