Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Limited Opportunity for the MS&L

The weak point of PPACA (ObamaCare) is the insurance mandate.  PPACA requires that everybody buys insurance.

The easiest way to attack the mandates is to create a viable alternative to insurance.

The Medical Savings and Loan is a viable alternative to insurance. The MS&L funds health care through a structured savings program supplemented with loans and grants.

Unfortunately, the MS&L is not practical at the moment because our tax laws and health care regulations favor insurance. Notably, insurance allows you to buy healtcare with untaxed dollars. The MS&L would have to use taxed dollars.

The passage of ObamaCare created a limited time opportunity to bring the MS&L into existence.

The first step is political.

People who are against government control of health care can use the MS&L in a campaign for heatlh freedom. The movement would demand that the MS&L be given an even playing field so that it can be developed as an alternative to insurance.

By putting the Medical Savings and Loan on the table, the opponents of PPACA aren't just against something, they are now for something. They are now arguing for a dynamic market that includes insurance and viable alternatives to insurance.

Americans are a positive people. It is easier to win an argument when you are arguing for something.

This political movement cannot exist on its own. If a political movement demands an alternative to insurance and there is no viable alternative to insurance in the mix, then the politicians are spouting empty rhetoric.

So, it is critical to accompany the political effort with a business effort.

The business effort would include a serious effort to make the Medical Savings and Loan a viable product that could be implemented by people who feel underserved by the current insurance paradigm. This is a huge potential market.

The first step in both the political and business movement is for a small group of patriots to get together in a room to start the process of creating a non-profit entity that defines the program.

This would take a weekend and a thousand bucks. I have a week end, I don't have a thousand bucks.

For the last three years, I've concentrated exclusively on this idea of getting a half dozen patriots in a room on a weekend to discuss creating a non-profit organization with the dual goal of arguing for health freedom in the political arena and of creating tools to help people self-finance their care in the business arena.

I live in Utah. Utah is a toxic political environment. However, it is really fun to have meetings at Park City. I am able to travel to Arizona, Las Vegas, MissoulaDenver or other near by states. Someone would have to pay my travel expenses to go much further than that.

Personally, I think either Tucson or Phoenix would be the best place to start a non-profit for health freedom. The Goldwater Institute in Phoenix is pro-freedom and the AAPS in Tucson are pro-health freedom.

Anyway, the passage of ObamaCare in 2009 created a limited opportunity to make the Medical Savings and Loan a reality. The time window on the opportunity is closing. If I can't find six people who are willing to sit in a room with me to talk about health freedom, then the game is over.

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