Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Health Care Advocate

My goal with the Medical Savings and Loan was to reverse-engineer an insurance company along free market principles.

I took the large insurance pools and sliced them up into individual accounts owned and controlled by the policy holders.

I realized that people would need help in administering their savings accounts and help in negotiating with doctors.

So, I created a new position called a Health Care Advocate.

In this second step, I take the internal bureaucracy of the insurance company and externalize it.

With standard insurance, you have a large pool of cash controlled by the company. The insurance company then hires an army of actuaries, underwriters, accountants, clerks and claims adjusters whose job it is to protect the pool.

In the Medical Savings and Loan, people own their own health care resources; So I take the same bureaucracy and have it work to help people understand and optimize their health care resources.

I believe that this act of transforming the internal bureaucracy into an external service would dramatically improve the financing of health care.

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