Friday, January 06, 2012

Prosperity Measures

Government, as the name implies, is a system for limiting the activities of people.

The Founders of the United States realized that, by limiting government, they removed constraints from the people.

Removing constraints led to widespread prosperity.

It is paradoxical that, by limiting the government, one releases the potential of the people.

To unravel the paradox, one need simply realize that the people are the positive space and government a negative space.

Our public discourse, however, focuses almost exclusively on government.

The left, which seeks to restore the feudal system of an unlimited government and constrained people, uses the paradoxical discourse to its advantage. They frame any attempts to limit government as austerity measures.

They call attempts to limit the constraints on the people "austerity measures."

Breaking this spell is a simple matter of creating a dialog in which the lives of the people are presented as the primary space and politics as an artificial constraining force that needs to be limited.

This was my goal in the Medical Savings and Loan.

The Medical Savings and Loan is a business model for funding health care. The model creates thousands of small businesses designed to help people optimize their health care resources. The program replaces big centralized insurance companies with thousands of small distributed financial service firms.

Yes, the model has political implications. The heart of the model is small business. Thousands of small businesses.

Implementing the Medical Savings and Loan would involve the creation of thousands of vibrant businesses. The owners of the businesses would live middle class lifestyles. Some would become millionaires. It wouldn't create any billionaires.

The Medical Savings and Loan would move billions of dollars from control of the ruling class back into the hands of the people. (Both the Republican and Democratic ruling elite want to stifle discussion of this plan).

The Medical Savings and Loan is not crony capitalism. It is not a government program implemented through politically connected businesses.

It is the exact opposite. The program replaces crony capitalism with a network of small businesses. Best of all, it empowers individuals by letting them retain control of their health care resources.

The Medical Savings and Loan could be used in the current political debates to overturn ObamaCare and the oppressive centralized health exchanges created by ObamaCare.

The plan makes the private sector the positive space and exposes government as the limiting factor in growth.
Once the political debate is done, the Medical Savings and Loan would be entirely about small businesses helping other small businesses solve the health care puzzle.

The Medical Savings and Loan is an extremely beautiful plan that gets executed in the private sector.

Don’t you see how the vision of the US Founders works? The whole point of limiting government is to release the creativity of the private sector.

The vision of the founders was contingent on a robust private sector. The way to defend that vision is to present arguments in which the private sector is in the foreground.

Limiting government is not an austerity measure, it is a prosperity measure.

Unfortunately, the program needs a small amount of support to get off the ground. It needs a dozen people physically gathered in a room to talk about the idea.

The Medical Savings and Loan is about human to human interaction. It is not a computer program. Yes, it involves a mathematical model, but it is about people physically working with other people. Anyway, here is my contact form again. Yes, the program will create several millionaires. I can't guarantee that you will be one of the millionaires.

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